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On December 2, 2013 we harvested 1248Y, a 29 month old sired by Kitaguni Jr.. As seen in the ribeye carcass photo below, 1248Y proved to be of great quality.

Kit x Itohana2_Dec13_027Steer LMR Kitaguni 1248Y Ribeye 13Jan14

As did, 1257Y, a steer by Yasufuku Jr.

Steer LMR Yasufuku 1257Y Ribeye 13Jan14

LMR Kitaguni 1248Y’s Dam (LMR Ms Itohana 9229W) was sired by TF Itohana 2 out of a Sanjirou cow.

What might be surprising to some is that 9229W, the mother,  is an AFFECTED F11 cow – Homozygous for F11!

So of course, 1248Y was a Carrier (Heterozygous) for the F11 gene.

Not really surprising to us, since AFFECTED cows mated to FREE will always produce a CARRIER calf. That information might come as a surprise to those producers who have continually shied away from F11 Carriers.

So if it is really all about the meat in the final analysis, then this picture should put those doubts to rest.

What a treat to get a 44.53% IMF measurement from a LMR FB Carcass – much less the progeny of an AFFECTED Cow!

While we are at it – LMR Yasufuku 1257Y – a Yasufuku Jr steer, was harvested and computer calculations read 39.8% IMF (see photo above). It so happens that 1257Y was a CL16 Carrier.

All around, a good day for Lone Mountain – and an educational one at that!

Takeaway: Do Not Be Frightened of Genetic Results – Management is Your Friend!

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