Lone Mountain Cattle is the leading Fullblood Black Wagyu Cattle Ranch in the United States. Our mission is to create the best possible genetics of American-Raised Fullblood Wagyu while educating domestic Ranchers on the unique qualities of this majestic breed. By sharing scientific research and industry information, our goal is to help pioneer Wagyu into one of the great breeds of the American landscape.

Located in Golden, New Mexico, our Ranch has been our family’s labor of love for over half a century. The past two decades have brought a new tenacity to the Ranch operations. As we transitioned to raising Fullblood Wagyu cattle in the early 2000’s, we embraced traditional Japanese ranching practices and new technologies that allow us to monitor and continually improve our breeding program.

Our Wagyu program was developed upon extensive research. Sharing this knowledge with other breeders and ranchers has positioned Lone Mountain Cattle as an important thought leader in the American Wagyu field as we’ve developed an industry-leading genetics program and Fullblood Wagyu herd.