Here at Lone Mountain, we have a proud tradition of presenting a selection of high quality Fullblood Sire genetics for premium tasting beef. We’ve categorized each of our Sires by their excellence in four unique traits – Carcass, Balance, Marbling, and Growth. Learn more about or Sires by clicking on their names below.


For sales, please email us at or call our office at 310-622-1040 or 505-281-1432. Lone Mountain Cattle Company wagyu semen is also available through our distributor, ORIgen. Visit their website You can contact them via email through contact page the site, or call 1-866-867-4436.


Lone Mountain Cattle Company semen is available via this website or through our distributor ORIgen. You can find LMCC semen in the Wagyu section of their site, or contact their sales team directly at 1-866-867-4436 or using the email module on their contact page.