Lone Mountain Ranch is located in the high desert in Golden, New Mexico.

The 27,000 acres is home to our 700+ Wagyu cattle, countless species of flora and fauna, and historical remnants dating back to the 1200’s. Guarded over by its namesake, a lone mountain, the ranch is a vibrant ecosystem and the touchstone of our company.

Our breeding herd of Wagyu graze on the high desert grasses, while our Wagyu beef herd spend the first year of their lives pasture-raised on our ranch. Each cow/calf pair requires anywhere from 100-150 acres of non-irrigated pasture for comfortable growth-oriented grazing. We implement a rotational pasture system with eight pastures.

One section of the ranch dubbed “The Farm” contains a 64-acre circle of irrigated pasture for intensive grazing. The farm is planted with different species of prairie grasses and provides enough forage for 65-100 pairs for six months. Alfalfa hay from local farmers is purchased to supplement the cattle during the six months of the year The Farm is dormant.