Dear Cattle Producer,

Welcome to the world of Wagyu, a world too long shrouded in mystery and myth.

This guide will help to make known the story of a fantastic breed of cattle. You’ll be introduced to the lineage of present day Wagyu, allowing you to make breeding choices that will pay impressive dividends.

The study of pedigree is important in any breed, but particularly so for Wagyu. By understanding the Wagyu breeding history, you will gain insight into how breeders have managed to bring the Wagyu herd to the pinnacle of meat quality today.

We believe that this in-depth knowledge of Wagyu pedigrees will help to guide you in making valuable decisions affecting and refining the quality of your herd. The more you learn about this remarkable breed and move beyond mystery and myth, the more you will want to incorporate its superior genetics into your herd’s profile.
Thank you for your interest.

Bob Estrin

Lone Mountain Cattle Company