2019 Performance Data &
Sire Summaries

In 2014, prior to our production sale we felt that we had enough data to publish the results of our ongoing study, which we called the  2014 Lone Mountain Sire Performance Study. That study was based on images capture from 148 carcasses. Utilizing Dr. Kuchida’s software – the same software used by the Japan Meat Grading Association (JMGA), we ranked by Marbling percentage (IMF%), the sires and dam sires that we had used to produce the steers and a few heifers. We also ranked the sires as graded by the USDA graders at the abattoir in Omaha – and by Ribeye Area (REA) and Carcass Weight. 


We at Lone Mountain have a proud tradition of presenting a selection of high quality Fullblood Sire genetics for producing premium tasting beef. Their strong pedigrees and our diligent raising practices ensure we have the best genetics to offer.


We have developed an exceptional herd by implementing a combination of traditional Japanese methods, data-driven breeding, and scientific analysis. The superior genetics of these animals have the potential to bring your herd to a new level of quality and value.


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