Take Your Herd Beyond Prime
Famed for producing the best beef in the world, Wagyu are a refined breed of cattle originally hailing from Japan. They are known among cattle producers for their low birthweight, docile disposition, and of course, their legendary beef. Genetically predisposed for intense marbling, the beef of Wagyu cattle is extraordinarily tender and flavorful, and rich in healthy fats. At Lone Mountain, we have developed an award-winning herd of Fulblood Japanese Black Wagyu, the strain of Wagyu hailed for being the best for marbling.


We at Lone Mountain strive to make the best decisions from the available tools to ensure the next generation of Wagyu genetics is better than the last and we want to share that with fellow Wagyu producers.


We have developed an exceptional herd by implementing a combination of traditional Japanese methods, data-driven breeding, and scientific analysis. The superior genetics of these animals have the potential to bring your herd to a new level of quality and value.


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