Analyzing the Data

The Wagyu BREEDPLAN analysis provides the most thorough and accurate assessment to the broader population of Wagyu genetics outside of Japan. The analysis includes tens of thousand of pedigree records.

SCD Factor

The genetic ability of Wagyu cattle to transmit important traits has traditionally been evaluated by selecting potential animals based on pedigree and subjecting them to progeny testing. However, genetic testing may be sufficient.

Linebreeding and Inbreeding

An inbreeding coefficient is a measure of how close two individual animals are genetically related to each other. The coefficient of inbreeding is the probability that an animal with two identical genes received both genes from one ancestor.

Carcass Grading

Meat Quality Grade is the key if you want to succeed in the Wagyu business. At Lone Mountain we pride ourselves as being innovators in the Wagyu business here in the US. And what has gained importance of the last decade is the carcass grading

Rotational Breeding

For breeders who are influenced by this traditional Japanese rotational breeding plan we offer an updated version.

Recessive Conditions

The scientific terms for the two most common modes of genetic inheritance are: autosomal dominant and autosomal recessive. The term Autosomal means that the condition or trait has a genetic basis (controlled by genes). With cattle breeding a single allele (copy of a gene) comes from each parent for the seven billion genes in the cattle genome.

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