Lone Mountain Fullblood Sire Index

Here at Lone Mountain we have a proud tradition of presenting a selection of high quality Fullblood Sire genetics for producing premium tasting beef. Their strong pedigrees and our diligent raising practices ensure we have the best genetics to offer.

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Lone Mountain Wagyu Genetics: Tradition & Technology

Lone Mountain Cattle Company is the leading Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu operation in the USA. We are committed to cultivating the best genetics available. By combining traditional methods and advancing technologies, we’ve been able to grow an exceptional herd and track the lineage and results of our breeding program.

Performance Data and Sire Summaries

In 2014 prior to our production sale we felt that we had enough data to publish the results of our ongoing study, which we called the  2014 Lone Mountain Sire Performance Study. That study was based on images capture from 148 carcasses. Utilizing Dr. Kuchida’s software – the same software used by the Japan Meat Grading Association (JMGA), we ranked by Marbling percentage (IMF%), the sires and dam sires that we had used to produce the steers and a few heifers. We also ranked the sires as graded by the USDA graders at the abattoir in Omaha – and by Ribeye Area (REA) and Carcass Weight.

It was a start. Now after fiveyears, we are proud to publish the continuation of that study with a few changes. First, and foremost, we have more than quintupledthe number of carcasses studied closing in on 1000– each analyzed by Dr. Keigo Kuchida’s carcass camera and software –addingsignificantly to the level of accuracy. In addition, we have tested almost 90 different Sires and 90 different dam sires. We hope that the data provided by our rigorous data collection proves helpful to our fellow breeders in bringing the best of this breed to bear.

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