Lone Mountain Cattle Announces 2019 Sale Dates and Details

We are pleased to welcome you to Lone Mountain Cattle’s 2019 Production Sale on Saturday, September 14 at 1 p.m. at the Santa Fe Hilton Historic Plaza Hotel. We hope you’ll join us for the weekend’s events!


This year’s sale features 58 lots, including a few embryo lots with exciting new genetics. Among this year’s biggest draws are the daughters of foundation sires, as well as pregnancies and embryos by Mayura L0010, son of the “The King of Australian Wagyu Sires” Itoshigenami Junior 0139 and Sumo Michifuku F154, the outstanding son of Michifuku. Both sires are leaders in recently published Australian Wagyu Sire Summary.


We will be headquartered at the Hilton Plaza Hotel in downtown Santa Fe, but offer folks hauling trailers parking at the Ranch (a short, 45-minute drive). We’ll also be welcoming folks to the Ranch on Thursday and Friday (the 12th and 13th) for cattle viewing, and will be holding an informal get-together Friday mid-afternoon with Wagyu sausages, burgers and refreshments.


For directions to the Ranch, click here.

Sept 12 Registration Deadline for Online Bidding

If you can’t make it in person and intend to bid online, please register for an account on LiveAuctions.TV as soon as possible. To participate in real-time bidding online, you must create a buyer account and request a bidder number at least 2 days before the September 14 sale date. LiveAuctions TV has instructions to walk you through the process, but if you have any questions, please contact Brad@LiveAuctions.tv or call Margo at (937) 515-1194.

Production Sale Catalog,
Featuring Newly Updated Sire Summaries

2019 Sale Details

The sale featuring renowned auctioneer Butch Booker will begin promptly at 1 p.m. on Saturday, following a complimentary lunch at the Hilton (Sale HQ), beginning at 11:30 a.m. While we’d love to see you in-person, we’ll be streaming the sale on LiveAuctions.tv. Register now to view the sale and participate.


If you would like to RSVP or would like a printed catalog, email us at info@lonemountaincattle.com with your name and address.

Stay Close to the Action! Book Lodging at LMC Auction HQ

To make reservations for a room at LMC’s auction headquarters, the Historic Santa Fe Hilton Plaza Hotel, click here . The special auction block rate is no longer available, but there are still rooms for the nights of Sept. 12-15. Reservations can also be made by calling 1-800-774-1500 / 505-988-2811, or emailing Reservation Manager Carla Montoya Carla.montoya@hilton.com. The live auction will take place at the Hilton Plaza Hotel, but a variety of other events will be taking place nearby at the Lone Mountain Ranch.


Look forward to seeing you in Santa Fe!