The Lone Mountain herd is over 700 cattle strong, all DNA-Certified Fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu.

We started our herd with four Tajima bulls, bringing in additional animals with Shimane and Kedaka genetics for diversity. This created a balanced herd of Japanese Black with a focus on high quality, intense marbling. We were determined from the beginning to develop a herd that was authentic and true to its Japanese heritage, never cross breeding and maintaining strict documentation of the herd’s lineage.

Our herd has become the leading, award-winning, 100% Fullblood Black Wagyu Cattle Ranch in the country. With multiple wins at the esteemed National Western Stock Show, including Grand Champion Fullblood Wagyu Cow-Calf Pair in 2012 and 2014, and the Reserve Grand Champion Fullblood Black Wagyu Bull in 2015, the herd has shown its continual improving quality which has been achieved through careful breeding and raising practices

The mission of the company, to produce the highest quality, DNA-Certified, 100% Fullblood Black Wagyu raised in the United States, remains at the forefront of every decision and continues to shape the herd today. Our ultimate goal is to combine the strengths of each of three the primary Wagyu lines to raise the quality of the overall Wagyu genetics in the USA.