Semen Sales

We collect semen from our highest scoring Fullblood Wagyu bulls for our own use and to provide American and foreign ranchers with superior semen to improve the quality of their herd. The semen of our elite 12 GeneStar bull Bar R Sanjirou 4P is collected at ORIgen, a semen collection facility in Billings, Montana. ORIgen was set up in 2001 to “ensure the future success to the independent seedstock producer. Over time, the ORIgen model spawned its core foundational values to create a company that assists in genetic value creation and capture, solely to benefit the industry and ultimately the “ORIgenal” genetic producer, to ensure their sustainable success and independence.” Buy at ORIgen.

Embryo Sales

For information on available embryos, email us at or call 505-281-1432